Teach me to worship

Lyrics for Teach me to worship by Joe Ifah

Teach me to worship, lord
Absolutely worship, lord
Teach me the manners of your courts
As I come in one accord
With those who seek your face.
Teach me to curtsy or to bow;
By your spirit show me how
To come in through your gates

Teach me to love you lord;
Intimately love you, lord
Teach me to open up my heart
To obey the voice I heard
When you called out to me
Teach me to follow in your steps
And to hang onto your help
Until your face I see


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Reason to live

Lyrics for Reason to live by Graciah

You make me breathe
You make me live
You gave me joy
You gave me all
You gave me peace
You gave me hope
You graced my life
You took me to a higher ground

Verse 1
From my adversaries, Lord you saved me
Prepared a feast for me as they watched
You blessed and anointed my head with oil
My cup overflows forevermore

Verse 2
Wonderful love that wouldn’t let me go
I rest my weary soul in your grace
Forever I’ll be yours El-shadai
You’ve become more than life to me

You gave me a reason to live
Lord, you gave me a reason to live (Repeated)


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Ejumomi We (Your mercy)

Lyrics for Ejumomi We (Your mercy) by Joe Ifah
(Igala, English)

Ejumomi we, ejumomi we,
Ejumomi we bumi ne.
Ejumomi we, ejumomi we,
Ejumomi we teko mi.
I ch’otinyatinya mi no;
I ch’obijabija mi no.
Ich’otakachi ku che no;
Ejumomi we bumi ne.

O lord I lift up my voice
And I declare your faithfulness.
Through all my labors and toils
You have been there, my certain help.
In the midst of the storm when trouble came
You showed me that I can trust your name.
And though I stumble and I fall, I rise again:
Your mercy has been there for me.

So many giants have gone
Swept away by deadly winds.
And I’ve been tossed I’ve been thrown
But by your grace I am standing still!
In the middle of the night when foes arose.
You covered me and you held me close.
You have never ever left me on my own:
Your mercy has been there for me.


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Jesus Agba

Lyrics for Jesus Agba by Joe Ifah

Jisos Agba!
Onu Efojale Agba!
Wol’udu mi k’E chi o!
Wol’adu mi k’E ne chaka du.
Onu ki ny’ile agba!
Ugwa mi an’uda no,
Wol’otakachi ujadu k’E che!

G’abu k’E ma tene ku chileche,
K’ufedo je nw’E wa gw’ane pepete!
Todu omi keke i, omi gegede,
Onw’Omojo wa d’odo ef’ekete!
Tod’enwu du k’E che nwu mi,
Otakachi We oji mi,
Baba mi onw’u wemi ku d’ugwa gw’E.
Tod’akwu k’E ro oji mi,
Obata ke che nwu mi,
Jisos onw u wemi ku gw’E (ku gw’E)

Gabu komi te le ef’ulenyo,
Tak’E wa fumi jadu kp’ufedenyo!
Todu omi chikini, omi jejege,
Onw’E gworu kw’ojede We omemele!
Tod’adu k’E ne nwu mi,
Ule ere k’E le nwu mi,
Baba mi onw’u wemi ku d’ugwa gw’E.
Itale mi ki w’ola We,
Ebie hiolo ki cha kw’ola We,
Jisos onw’u wemi ku gw’E (ku gw’E)

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What a mighty God

Lyrics for What a mighty God by Joe Ifah
(Igala, English)

Ata wa Efojale, abi k’odu We ki na fo;
Ojane We ki wa ke, unekwu We kate ki wa che.
Alu ki de Efojale, ki no dabale ane ilei ge.
Onu Ogbegbele, Uwe ch’Ojo kate kawa ‘re.
Ojo achona, lef’ukpahiu We E f’enwu du nyi;
Ukolo We chefer’eju, ich’amenidada ma li n?
Onu Ogbekugbeku Otemeje Odoba Ogagu!
Ef’am’ojo ki d’ugbo du, eedu mer’Uwe no!

What a mighty God You are!

Onu lile, Onu ki t’onu du le!
Ata lile, Agbiti Ogbegbele!
Ug’awoto ug’awohi, onu ki dab’Uwe u li no!
Ata mi kiafo, Ojo k’eju one ma li no!
Ojo Abo Israel, ukpahiu We f’ohimini kperu!
Omachala, Enawuwu, Uwe kate inyo ma jenyu.
Ak’abale ch’abale, i newu k’E ka ki ma che no!
Ef’am’ojo ki def’ile, eedu mer’Uwe no!

What a mighty God You are!


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