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7-track album from St Reuben Okala

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Saint Reuben Okala has broken hard news reportorial on NTA for more than 3 decades. He has traveled all over the world to cover news events, reporting them in his unique style to the delight of millions of viewers and fans on the NTA news network. But besides working as a mass communicator, he has all along been a Gospel musician. He eventually decided to drop pen and paper and go fully for the musical microphone, and that has given birth to this Album, BREAKING NEWS. Every word sung in this album is news broken from the heavens to bless your heart. BREAKING NEWS encapsulates healing, deliverance, hope and above all being heavenly minded. Enjoy BREAKING NEWS.

Genres: Country, Reggae, Rock

  1. Call on me St Reuben Okala
  2. He is everywhere 1 St Reuben Okala
  3. Echoes from Bagaji St Reuben Okala
  4. Are you sure? St Reuben Okala
  5. More than a superstar St Reuben Okala
  6. He is everywhere 2 St Reuben Okala
  7. Hope for Nigeria St Reuben Okala

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