You Stand Apart


12-track audio album from Joe Ifah

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This 12-tracker from Joe Ifah is an unrestrained affirmation of God’s utter worthiness. Almost one full hour of engagingly refreshing music, this album promises to be a ready door into Divine Presence.

  1. Forever You reign Joe Ifah Buy
  2. You stand apart Joe Ifah Buy
  3. What a mighty God Joe Ifah Buy
  4. Jesus Agba Joe Ifah Buy
  5. Greatest sacrifice Joe Ifah Buy
  6. I go fire Joe Ifah Buy
  7. Ejumomi We Joe Ifah Buy
  8. Ekwu We akwu mi tule Joe Ifah Buy
  9. Teach me to number my days Joe Ifah Buy
  10. Halleluya you'll see me Joe Ifah Buy
  11. Ye ke mo Joe Ifah Buy
  12. Almost over Joe Ifah Buy

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mp3, CD

Joe Ifah

Veteran artist Joe Ifah has been around for a while. Since 1976 when a guitar-strumming school teacher stirred his heart open to Jesus Christ, Joe has himself blessed many with his music.

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