Heavenly Sounds


9-track audio album from Holy Ghost Babe

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This album is born out of deep fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Every track in the album is inspired by the Holy Ghost and they are intended to birth forth revival and a hunger for a deeper relationship and fellowship with Jesus Christ in the heart of the listeners. They are also intended to re-ignite the consciousness of spending eternity with Jesus Christ. Above all, living daily with the consciousness of the fact that Jesus is Holy and God expects to see the fullness of Jesus in us.

  1. Holy Holy Holy Ghost Babe
  2. Ancient of days Holy Ghost Babe
  3. You broke the seals Holy Ghost Babe
  4. All creation bow Holy Ghost Babe
  5. You're the most high Holy Ghost Babe
  6. Sweeter than honey Holy Ghost Babe
  7. Worthy is the Lamb Holy Ghost Babe
  8. All we do is bow Holy Ghost Babe
  9. Holy Holy - remix Holy Ghost Babe