You are worthy

Lyrics for You are worthy by Joe Ifah

Almighty father, lord of the universe
We bring you praises, honor you from our hearts
You reign forever, no other king besides
You are deserving of more than sacrifice

So we glorify your name
As we dance before your throne
We will shout aloud your praise
You are worthy, you alone
You are worthy to be honored
You are worthy to be praised
You are worthy to be worshiped
You are worthy to be praised

Loving redeemer,
Kinder than any friend
You are amazing,
You’re so magnificent
You’ve brought us closer,
Redeemed us by your blood
Eternal savior,
Thank you for all you’ve done.


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Joe Ifah
About Joe Ifah 23 Articles
Veteran artist Joe Ifah has been around for a while. Since 1976 when a guitar-strumming school teacher stirred his heart open to Jesus Christ, Joe has himself blessed many with his music.