Lord You are good

Lyrics for Lord You are good by Graciah

Lord you are good, Lord you are kind
Lord you are beautiful in all your ways

Verse 1
You showed me true love when I was hated by everyone
You held me close when I was pushed away by my very own
Taught me how to love those who hated me with a passion, your love is so amazing,
Amazing is your love, you are beautiful, God you are beautiful!

Verse 2
O God you loved the whole world, gave us your only begotten son
You said he who believes shall never die but have eternal life
Taught me how to pardon in a hurry those who hurt, just like a baby
Amazing are your plans you’re incredible, God you’re incredible!

I’ve found true love
I worship you forever
I’m loving you forever God


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Graceful Graciah is a vocal powerhouse, a highly gifted singer/songwriter reaching out to the world from her current base in Jos, Nigeria.