Ye ke mo

Lyrics for Ye ke mo by Joe Ifah
(Yoruba, English)

Ye ke mo o, sare wa s‘odo Jesu Omo Olorum.
Ye ke mo o, ajaga Re easy gan, mo I’o rorun.
Ye ke mo! Ye ke mo!
Nu omije re nu, s’o gbo, ye ke mo o!

Okay, maybe they were all very wrong;
Or maybe they were simply not nice.
But, remember when you were so very young,
And they said you wouldn’t turn out right?
Some said you did not have much of hope;
Some predicted you’d be just another stupid fool.
And today, you are the devil’s footstool. Now let me ask you;

Just when will you tire
Of gratifying his desire
His cruel wicked fires
That burn you up till you feel so small?
Just when will you look up
And turn away from this fool’s cup
That brought you here to this full stop?
Just weeping doesn’t help at all!

Omije ‘o tan panti
E ‘o ba sare wa boda, anti,
At’eyin na Momi pelu Dadi.
Omije ‘o b’Esu wi,
K’e wa ni real solution lo wu mi.
Ajaga Jesu r’orun se padi mi!

Ye k emo o, sare wa s’odo Jesu…

Weeping in your hunger
Just makes the devil stronger
To sink you further under;
But Jesus wants to lift you out!
While you go on clueless
The devil is so ruthless!
Your bitter tears are useless,
But Jesus offers freedom now!

Sure wa o, ma rin gbere!
Ma je k’on bo e ko mi bi ogede!
Jesu mi lo le tu’de re ore mi!
Sa wa’bi o ma w’ehin wo!
Ma teti si Satani b’o n pariwo;
Jesu a tu e l’agbatan – ofe ni!


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