Teach me to number my days

Lyrics for Teach me to number my days by Joe Ifah

Do you know, I looked into the mirror yesterday?
It gave me a shock, a shock I just cannot forget!
‘Cause it suddenly dawned on me that I had grown so old:
The hair on my face and the look I wore both told and me so!
And yet it wasn’t because I’d thought I was a little kid;
But time had been tricky, it crept on me so silently; so silently.

That is why I learned this little prayer today;
That is why I pray this little prayer, saying:
Teach me O Lord to number my days!
Teach me O Lord so I may be wise!
Help me O Lord so I may be wise!
Help me O Lord by night and by day!
Teach me to make the most of my time!

Now listen I want to talk about you and me.
We don’t seem to realize that time is simply flying by.
Not too long ago we ran about in the streets,
We played on the sand and fought with other girls and boys.
But those days are gone now, the signs are there for you to see.
And time is so tricky it creeps on you so silently, so silently!


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