Ejumomi We (Your mercy)

Lyrics for Ejumomi We (Your mercy) by Joe Ifah
(Igala, English)

Ejumomi we, ejumomi we,
Ejumomi we bumi ne.
Ejumomi we, ejumomi we,
Ejumomi we teko mi.
I ch’otinyatinya mi no;
I ch’obijabija mi no.
Ich’otakachi ku che no;
Ejumomi we bumi ne.

O lord I lift up my voice
And I declare your faithfulness.
Through all my labors and toils
You have been there, my certain help.
In the midst of the storm when trouble came
You showed me that I can trust your name.
And though I stumble and I fall, I rise again:
Your mercy has been there for me.

So many giants have gone
Swept away by deadly winds.
And I’ve been tossed I’ve been thrown
But by your grace I am standing still!
In the middle of the night when foes arose.
You covered me and you held me close.
You have never ever left me on my own:
Your mercy has been there for me.


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Joe Ifah
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Veteran artist Joe Ifah has been around for a while. Since 1976 when a guitar-strumming school teacher stirred his heart open to Jesus Christ, Joe has himself blessed many with his music.