Your name


A song of healing, a song of deliverance from affliction, a song of restoration. YOUR NAME (Jesus) is a powerful new single from Peter Oni and it features two wonderful ministers alongside. They declare absolute healing in the powerful name of Jesus in every line and tune of this song. Healing is a fundamental right of every believer and God is willing to touch everyone that has faith.
Peter Oni is a dynamic praise and worship minister with a mandate to give hope to the downcast. He is married to an anointed and a powerful worshiper Victoria Oni a.k.a Vkey, they are both in the music ministry and they are blessed with two amazing kids. Peter Oni has been music director for many years both in Nigeria and in South Africa, he is currently based in South Africa.



LYRICS for Your name

Halleluyah there’s healing in the name of Jesus Christ
As it is written in the name of Jesus every knees must bow, place your hand anywhere you want healing, your head, your chest and as you hear these declaration your have been set free in the name of Jesus.
Your Name is Beautiful
Your Name is powerful
Your name is wonderful
At the mention of your name Victory is sure
Oh ohohohoh there’s Healing in your name
There’s power in your name
Miracle sign and wonder in your name Victory is sure.
Call his name …… Jesus …..

(The great provider God, miracle working God, bright and morning stars ,Lion of the tribe of Judah ,we can you by your name……..)

Your name can break what no man can break
Your name can change what no man can change
Your name is Powerful, Dependable, Reliable is powerful
Oh ohohohoh there’s Healing in your name
(There is healing in your name)
There is power in your name
(The power that break every chain)
Miracle sign and wonder in your name
(Miracle worker, miracle working God)
Victory is sure.
By the Authority that make Jesus ,Jesus
I degree your deliverances , in the name of Jesus , no matter how long you have been on that sick bed, Rise up now.
no matter how long you have been using walking stick ,you are deliver right now.

Pastor D.Adebayo:

Those crutches are useless and your legs are useful.

Every trace of affliction in your body by the power of God, you are delivered.

For it is written Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The same power is working in your body right now as you say Amen.

Rise up and walk! Thank you Father.

Give Him praise.

Jesus is everywhere!”

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