Our Bestseller for August 2019: ‘JISOS AFEDO WE’ by Anselm Ahman

Anselm Ahman’s ‘Jisos Afedo We’, a 1991 Igala Gospel album recently offered for mp3 download on Gospeleon, has proven to be an evergreen favorite with many music fans. It sits very comfortably at this time on our Number One Bestseller seat for August, having sold more than any other listed album on Gospeleon, within the […]

Shopping Cart Issue Resolved!

Yes, we were aware of the cart issue encountered by users in the past few days where attempts to add products to the shopping cart were greeted by the frustrating message ‘Your cart is currently empty.’ That issue has been resolved, and we are glad to have you back to shop for music on Gospeleon. […]

Graciah Reloads Her “Astonishing Grace”

From Sanctee Records comes this re-issue of Graciah’s debut album, a stirring, heart-warming summation of her appreciation and wonder at God’s dealings with her – picking her up from the floor when no one else could or would, and giving her a sweet song to sing to her Savior. Glowing with Graciah’s unique vocal ability, […]

Your Album Is Worth More Than ₦125!

Yes, your music album is worth much more than ₦125, and I’m sure you know that! Or, is that not why you want to sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, CDBaby… all the platforms where you hope they’ll buy your album at $10 per copy? It’s a shame, isn’t it, that while these […]

Save Nigeria

  Here is a passionate prayer call for Nigeria by Pastor Sampraiz. Let every saint raise a cry up to God for this nation under siege. ‘O God, save Nigeria!’ Audio produced by Mayowa Ifah of Joi7 Studios. Video by Joe Ifah.    

Messiah (Cover)

This is Graciah’s vibrant acoustic cover of Solomon Lange’s song ‘Messiah’ – Number 2 in her Acoustic Worship Series. Easy strumming style that calls you to join in and worship. Enjoy, share, and don’t forget to subscribe to her Youtube channel for more

With Love: Our Valentine Picks!

Here, curated with love and attention, to sweeten the season to your utmost delight – Check out this special collection of Gospeleon albums we know you will enjoy. No, they are not free downloads; most great things are not Free! Yes, buy an album or two, and then you may download them (doesn’t really hurt […]

Holy Holy

  The video is packed with emotion. My heart is totally poured out in a consummated worship to GOD. It is my way of saying; “God, you are so good to me. thank you for all you have done for me and thank you for being my best friend”.

He Paid the Price

Lyrics for He Paid the Price by Lucia Ochu (English) Refrain: He paid the price no one could pay (x2) He was crucified on the Calvary’s tree He paid the price no one could pay Jesus Christ, Son of God Came and died on the cross He knew no sin yet for sin He was […]


Lyrics for Ekondo by Chris Morgan (English and Efik) Chorus Ekondo ke bukfi o Anawa Kpaniko Ekondo ke bukfi o, etie mfon mfon kawawa 2x Solo You deserve my highest praise, unto you my everlasting Father There’ll be no other deity that we can compare to you [Chorus] Solo People rise and fall, people come […]


Lyrics for Kabiesi by Chris Morgan (English and Yoruba) Ogbunene kole ku Judah eh 4x Solo 1 Hear my cry o Lord, attend to my prayers You’re the cry of my heart; we need you more than ever before. People need the Lord, everybody needs the Lord We cry to you, Kabiesi o, Eledumare, Oba […]

Oba Ogo

Lyrics for Oba Ogo by Chris Morgan (English, Yoruba and Idoma) Can’t stay without you, Can’t be without you, one day without you will make me so sad You are everything I live for, the lover that won’t break my heart Your love is true, your love is true You are everything I live for, […]

Why do you love me so

Lyrics for Why do you love me so by El Levite (English) Verse 1: I’ve got this friend that loves me the way nobody ever loved me He is Jesus my friend, He says His love for me will never never end Do you know He died for me? I don’t deserve His love (yet […]