Jeremiah Gopep started music right from Secondary school days at age 13 and started writing songs at age 14. He has played with church music bands for many years, and has grown into a seasoned music teacher. Gopep is a prolific song writer and singer majoring in Traditional/Indigenous Gospel music.
Born on 12th August, he hails from Plateau State but lives in Kaduna. Gopep has also served as music director with a number of churches over the years. A mechanical engineer by profession, he is a musician by calling.
“He’s kind of like a musical archaeologist, bringing melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is modern,” says Discman Musicbox’s CEO Chris Victor. “It’s like an urban musical travelogue…and I think as citizens of the world and in a sense as musical ambassadors for Nigeria, we must always strive to study the languages, customs, and histories of other countries. I have spent a lot of time studying different music genres from different parts of the world, and therefore have the opportunity to demonstrate that Nigerians are indeed serious about engaging in a dialogue with the rest of the world.”
Now hear Gopep himself: “One of my goals is to make music which has broad appeal to people, no matter who they are or where they come from. I play the same set of music wherever we go, whether it’s in a small farming community in Ogun State Nigeria or in France or South Africa or with a symphony orchestra. Music should be like a wonderful dinner party. I don’t want to always sit next to people who share my opinions. I think each of us wants a hugely diverse tapestry of influences in our lives. That’s what makes life much more interesting. Every day becomes an adventure.”
He says further: “My hope is that I am creating exquisite musical wallpaper which can be turned up or down, and played on almost any occasion, from background music to a love affair to vacuuming around the house. I think my music allows people to dance and sing again with its beautiful melodies and beautiful lyrics. It is entirely consecrated and expresses hope and eternal optimism, all the while recognizing that there is a great amount of sadness in the world.”
Gopep has sold thousands of copies of his debut album titled “RUWA”, which means fountain of life.