Portharcourt, Nigeria

Ekeh Florence Ndidi, known professionally as Florriepat is a unique Gospel artist, song writer and choreographer. She hails from Ngor Okpala in Imo state and graduated from Rivers State University of Science and Technology with B.Tech in Computer Engineering.
Florriepat recorded her first album, Ibu Chim in 2012 with producer Dubbd of Legend Records, Port Harcourt .The album contains different genres ranging from Urban Afro to Afrocentric rock,e.t.c.She is a diverse and multi talented person. She has been in different choirs; singing different solos and providing backup vocals. She was the Music Director and Vice President of Winners campus fellowship and Joint Christian Campus Fellowship (where she composed a lovely anthem still sung till date) respectively. She has also been a choreographer for about 15yrs; in between these years she headed different groups, one of which was Glorious vessels and conducts training for diverse individuals.

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