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Artist’s Videos:

Na You be God (Cover)

This is Graciah’s own acoustic cover of the well-loved Tim Godfrey song ‘Na You be God’. Enjoy and share!


Great video of a great song from the Lady of Songs, Tope Alabi.

My Father’s Rain

“Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain” Zech 10:1 As we approach the End, with the imminent Rapture of the church in sight, and already hearing the sound of ‘the abundance […]

Holy Holy

  The video is packed with emotion. My heart is totally poured out in a consummated worship to GOD. It is my way of saying; “God, you are so good to me. thank you for all […]

Daily as I live

Daily as I live, let my whole life be expressions of your grace!

Baba God

Lyrics Video of Baba God. God is good, apart from Him, there is no good thing. Thanksgiving belongs to God for all His has done.

In The City

In the city is a song of re-awakening. It reminds us of our reason for existing on this planet and it enhances re-stabilization of our relationship with our maker so we wont miss that glorious home.

I have seen the glory

Standing on holy ground, where angels have trod, I have seen the glory of the Lord! Sweet one from Pastor Joe Olotu Stephen.

I Believe

The official video for ‘I Believe’, written and performed by Kenny K’ore, directed by Kaykas. Ever felt like you could never achieve your goals in life? You need to listen to this.

Hold on


Lifted me

Lifted me video expresses God’s faithfulness – how God changed the sequence of the life of a frustrated guy…it’s an amazing video

Blessings of Abraham

This is a song of praise. Great video from OmoJesu

Light In The Dark

This video ‘Light in the dark’ is a must watch… Shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The beauty of the ambient view will keep you glued to it… The song is well interpreted in the video!

Omo Jesu wa jo


I run to You

‘I run to You, cause I am helpless without You.’ Powerfully absorbing worship song taken from Chris Morgan’s ‘Another Revolution’ album.

Messiah (Cover)

This is Graciah’s vibrant acoustic cover of Solomon Lange’s song ‘Messiah’ – Number 2 in her Acoustic Worship Series. Easy strumming style that calls you to join in and worship. Enjoy, share, and don’t forget to […]

By the rivers

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion. Upon the willows in the midst of it we hung our harps.… (Psalm 137:1,2)

Alpha and Omega (Cover)

Eben’s hugely popular song is given an acoustic rendering here by Graciah in her own unique and evolving style. Enjoy, share, and remember to subscribe to her channel!

Only You alone

Its a call to worship the only true God who is Holy and deserves all our worship and praises.

Save Nigeria

  Here is a passionate prayer call for Nigeria by Pastor Sampraiz. Let every saint raise a cry up to God for this nation under siege. ‘O God, save Nigeria!’ Audio produced by Mayowa Ifah of […]

Artist’s Free Downloads:

Christmas mashup

This lovely mashup of several great Christmas songs is a beautiful celebration of the Christ who is the reason for the Season. Produced by Mayowa Ifah of Joi7 Studios, it’s also Soundalive’s way of wishing you […]

Thank You

A Single from my forth coming E.P titled “Grace Boy”. Its an afro praise which you can dance and relate with in every area of your life.


Wonderful is a song inspired by Mali Music’s “Beautiful”. It’s a song of gratitude to the Almighty God. Listen, download and share. Remain Blessed.


  Yafo is an Igala word that describes how holy and great our God is. It’s an inspirational song that I know will bless your soul. Enjoy listening to this wonderful track, be lifted and be […]


  Fast rising act known as Yung Jaypee is not a stranger when it comes to making good hits. In this new  club banger titled  “Anointing” (Ft. Wale Durojaiye), not only does Yung Jaypee prophesy,  he […]

Ola We (Your Word)

  Ola We (Your word), is an assurance that God’s word is more reliable than even shield and buckler. It is irreversible and unfailing, and when hidden in our hearts, it is able to shield us […]

Miracle working God

  The song “Miracle working God” elucidates in sounds and lyrics the efficacy of God’s power; and the harvest of miracles wrought by the hand of God. It reveals that nothing is too had for the […]

Hard after You

Based on Psalms 63:8, this stirring song from Sampraiz expresses the deep longing of a soul for his creator. This is his first release for the year 2020, and it’s sure to stir a worship-hunger in […]

Jehovah Ropheka

Here’s track number 2 off Eunice Morgan’s 2017 album ‘Endless Song’, presented here as a single and offered for free download. It features singer/OAP Naomee.


The Power of God dominates every time, in everything. It rules above all!

Ene Dab’Uwe

This is a spirited reflection by a passionate worshiper on the awesomeness of God. There can be just one same answer to the question ‘Who is like You?’: No one! Beautiful one she penned jointly with […]


  This is a short instrumental track produced by Mayowa Ifah. Enjoy!  

Ogo Fun Baba

“Ogo Fun Baba” is a song that speaks of Gods awesome glory. Behold I will do a new thing; Now it shall spring forth; Shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in […]

My Yahweh

  The name YAHWEH is still a mystery even to the Jews! Knees (diseases, poverty, failures, pains) bow at the sound of that NAME! I invite you to unlock the mystery behind YAHWEH. He can be […]

Cry of the Spirit

  Cry of the Spirit is a prophetic song for Nigeria. In spite of the failure of Government, the Lord is involved in the process of birthing a new nation. OUR FATHER HAS COME! He is […]


  LOUD-LOUD (the D is silent) by Mike Abdul ftr A’DAM and MoniQue is an expression by 3 rappers for whom 16 bars of space won’t suffice to share their testimonies; but they do their best […]

God of Possibilities

  With God, brothers and sisters, all things are possible!


  This song was written on the spur of Easter celebrations years ago . The scriptures document the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. This season again let us shout and sing HOSANNA and crown Him […]

The Secret Place

Second song on the 10-track album “The Secret Place”, this is a passionate heart-cry, a prayer, an expression of the desire of the singer(Holy Ghost Babe) to remain in the secret place of the Most High […]


This is Soundalive’s second single as a band. It’s an Afro beat fusion you’ll definitely enjoy listening to!

Salvation in Jesus

  Today’s world offers and promises so much, and it’s so easy to begin to imagine that we have options for everything. But when it comes to salvation, we don’t have several options. Pass this message […]

Blessed is the Lamb

This brand-new single from Rose Of David is a stirring expression of worship by a true worshiper, an engaging cry from her heart to the exalted Lamb of God. Poetic lyrics converge elegantly with a beautiful […]

Give thanks

 Marphy Bot’s latest hit single titled ‘Give thanks’ is a song of thanks to the Almighty Father. This jam will most definitely have you counting your blessings and appreciating God for all he has done.

Created for a purpose

“I was created in His image, to bear His glory, that I might fellowship with Him all the time,” says Lucia in this lovely song.

Asan laye

  Whatever your position in life today, don’t forget this fact: Vanity of vanities, life is vanity. It’s all like a little vapor that is soon blown away. Naked we came, naked we shall go. Go […]


Kenny K’ore makes a prayer to God with his new song ‘Dide‘. On this groovy yet lyrically deep tune produced by STO beats, the very versatile singer prays God to arise in the affairs of his […]

I will sing Your praise

  Here’s a song of praise; when you think about where you are coming from and where you are now you have reasons to say Thank You Lord.


  This song is a pointer to truth that we are in a battle, but a battle with a known end. Jesus has conquered by his blood, and we are riding on the wings of his […]

Odigi Onyedikagi

  Onyedikagi means ‘There’s none like you.’ A song of thanksgiving declaring God’s supremacy and awesome wonders. The artist expresses his heart of love to God Almighty from his own encounters.  

No hope but You

  Based on Gods word in psalm 34vs5: “They looked unto him and were lightened and their faces were not ashamed.” This song was born out of my personal walk of faith with God, by the […]

Ekeleoma ft Austin James

  Here Comes a brand new single from Omale James featuring Austin David. It’s titled EKELEOMA, and it’s a powerful thanksgiving song . Dr James Omale started his musical career in the early ’90s during his […]

Jehofa Agba o!

  My first igala praise

Eyin Nikan

Eyin Nikan means “You Alone” in English. This track reiterates the fact that God alone is worthy of our praise because of His faithfulness and His mighty deeds in our lives. Produced by Wale Adebanjo for […]

Let the world know

  This is hard core gospel rap, with a strong message. Sure you’ll love the lyrics   LET THE WORLD KNOW Intro Yeah! Jesus Christ! Declared to be the son of God with power, According to […]

Halleluyah Hossana

Halleluyah Hossana! Sing excited praise to the Lord God Most High! Vintage Kingsley Ike.

E se Oluwa

This song is a beautiful expression of thanks to the Almighty Father in Heaven. It’s sure to have you singing along for days!


  The Word of God has taught me to be thankful for every thing that God has done, whether considered big or small according to man’s standards. The air we breathe is a privilege from God, […]

Nani Gi (Reggae version)

 An inspiring song originally done by Mairo Ese

Mma Mma

 Mma Mma by Captain is a one of kind, afro-beat – worship classic. It’s that hit track you have all been chorusing in your churches for a while now.

Why do you love me so?

Gospel Reggae: “I’ve got this friend that loves me the way nobody ever loved me He is Jesus my friend; He says His love for me will never never end Do you know He died for […]

Nigeria on my mind

  “Walking down the riverside I’m thinking about my country, Nigeria on my mind as I walk along the way. As I walk along the street I’m thinking about my country, Nigeria on my mind as […]

Good God

He is a good God, a kind and merciful Father who answers whenever we call on Him. Beautiful song penned by Jayce Hooke with help from the Soundalive team, ably produced by Mayowa Ifah for Sanctee […]


  Since his conversion from Islam, Kogi based upcoming Christian rapper and song writer Jamal Usman aka Jay Divine has been committed to reaching out to people through his God given talent, getting them to receive […]

New Day

New day is a song that encourages the believer to cast all his cares upon God according to Matthew 6:25 and Luke 12:22-31. Above all our worries and cares of life, the promises of God will […]


  Still in the spirit of the new year season Jay Divine teams up with Zipporah to give you a unique power jam to start the year with. The song is a new wave, a combination […]

Gaskiya (Truly) ft. I.Y

“We are in daring times undeniably yet it is the Father’s will that we press on with Thanksgiving and Worship until all nations are on bended knees professing gaskiya! God is good” -Green Fb:Williamsgreen IG: @greenationofficial

Ika Mana Lo

Ika Mana lo is a multilingual gospel praise song with some angelic expressions. It is track 4 on the 10-track album “The Secret Place.” Written, composed and sung by Holy Ghost Babe.

One Love

A song about Love

Embedded Greatness

Most of us live our entire lives with that greatness staying buried, living ordinary lives defined by the standards the world spits at us. We all have that spark in us, but we need Christ to […]


CTKJ-Christ The King Jesus is a spoken word poem from the emcee, poet, writer, activist Sebastine-Mr. Seb. It is actually a mini exegesis of Christ Jesus. Enjoy, share and be blessed.

Falling In Love

Gospel Reggae: “Falling, falling in love With Jesus, the lover of my soul I wanna gonna keep on praising As long as I will live I will be singing a song of praise to Him alone.”

Thy Kingdom come

An affirmation of the songwriter’s total commitment to the voice and will of the Master: to go where He sends, to do what he says.

I’m still singing

Pulled out from his soon-coming album, this track is a plain affirmation from Joe Ifah, a stout declaration of an unshakable stand. Nothing can take his song away, he says. Not the fire, not the rain; […]

E m’urikoko mi ko ft Nimix

E m’urikoko mi ko means ‘You’ve taken away my bitterness.’ Says Sampraise: “I wrote this song at a time I was almost fallen into depression and the Lord came through for me with a reminder of […]


“Yahweh, you are king over the earth, lifted above the heavens!” Inspiring new single from Pastor Sampraiz. Enjoy and freely share!

Have mercy


Save Nigeria

  Here is a passionate prayer call for Nigeria by Pastor Sampraiz. Let every saint raise a cry up to God for this nation under siege. O God save Nigeria! Produced by Mayowa Ifah of Joi7 […]

Bow Before Your Throne

Bow Before your throne is a worship medley composed by Femi Bello featuring Shining Star Voices. LYRICS Your Kingdom reigns. You are clothed with Majesty, Our King is clothed in power and strength, Your kingdom remains […]


  This is an Israeli pattern of worship music from Gengak Suwa. Enjoy!  

My Father’s Rain

  “Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain”Zech 10:1 As we approach the End, with the imminent Rapture of the church in sight, and already hearing the sound of ‘the abundance […]

Heart and soul

  This track from Dave Azi will stir you to do what the artist commits to here: to praise the Lord with everything he’s got – from his heart and soul. Sweet pulsating reggae, vintage Dave […]

Give You the praise

  Here’s a simple song of praise to God for His marvelous love and life to humanity – for all he has done and given. Join Kate Usen in this as she expresses her gratitude to […]

Na fedo We Jisos

The hymn “My Jesus I love Thee” affectionately rendered in Igala by Gospel veteran Joe Ifah.

Jesus Level

This will make you dance, because of the highly rhythmic Afro beat. The message is gospel undiluted…celebrating our salvation in Christ. Intro DML… Yeah! We all here in one accord, enjoying Jee-sus! He is the resurrection […]

My Prayer

A sincere heart’s cry to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Abimma takes us on a musical journey with this beautifully composed piece, supported by powerful vocals from Graciah.

Yabo ft. Maggie

Yabo is a hot new single from Captain featuring Maggie Okoh. Something to relish and share. Enjoy!

Not weary

 This is an INSTRUMENTAL version of this popular song: 1. We are never, never weary of the grand old song; Glory to God, hallelujah! We can sing it loud as ever, with our faith more strong; […]

O Lord I thank you

This song is an expression of heartfelt gratitude to the most High God for His mercies and undeniable love showered on us even before we were born of Him.

We lift You

‘Drink From the Water’ crooner Evans Ighodalo unwraps his latest single “We Lift You“, proving yet again his deep passion for worship to God. He works with a formidable team in the production of this high […]

Faithful God

Faithful God by Femi Bello expresses the magnitude and distinctive attitude of God from Men. God’s promises to us are ever fulfilled when we acknowledge Him and work by His principles. Femi Bello, also known as […]

Cross Over

When you arrive at clarity from obscurity, you may just need a song to define the joy of fulfilling destiny. This is your cross over song. Sing it loud; you’ve been quiet too long! Let loose! […]


The poetic song conquer is a single from Sebastine (Mr. Seb). It’s a call to all youths in the world and Nigeria in particular to conquer corruption and sin. The track was produced by Clefstrings.


 “Beta” by Ifeanyi Innocent is a prayer that keys into God’s promise to us. “I the Lord will bless you and make you fruitful.” Genesis 1:28.


Raw Gospel Afro Hip hop/Rap. Glorifies Jesus, and highly addictive too BOOM! – KATO & Emmiko Intro Eeeh! Common! Dadiyo! Thanks for this physically spiritual kicks. 100% Jesus, No additives, No preservatives as we always say […]

Gospel Ti Take Over

It’s not everyday we get a new song from Genesiz Camp, but when we do it’s usually worth the wait. Today, Genesiz decides to return to the scene with a new song with fellow called “GTTO.” […]


One of the special names the Igala people call God is “Omachala” – The Self-Enthroned. (Who else could have enthroned the Most High?) This worship song was received on a Sunday morning while leading the church […]


Onyeoma is an energetic track, quite dramatic, entertaining and praiseful. Features Greatman from Soulbrother Ent. Produced by the intelligent producer ‘Greenwox’. Be Blessed!

Artist’s Singles:


Ojo Uwe n’uwohi


Lifted me


The victory song


God alone

Save my soul

Nani Gi (Raggae Version)


Lion and the Lamb

Beyond description

New worship single from Mairo Great

Saanu (Have mercy)

A prayer song for the mercy of God, delivered in both Yoruba and English, and laced with Psalm 51.

Hallelujah Amen

Uchugbede We

Your Excellency

Intense Song


Meet Jesus our Saviour


This Love

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