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Doubtless, many new Gospel albums are released every week, in different parts of our land. Imagine a platform where nearly every good and true Gospel album is readily available for preview, streaming and download! Well, that’s where we are headed, and the journey is well under way. Check out our growing collection, and if you’ve got music of your own, bring it on!

Mu Falka

Pam Ishaya
Mu Falka

8-track audio album by Prince Pam Ishaya

  1. Mu falka Pam Ishaya
  2. Makiyayi Pam Ishaya
  3. Jinkai Pam Ishaya
  4. Conqueror Pam Ishaya
  5. Sunan Yesu Pam Ishaya
  6. Bisam dagwi Pam Ishaya
  7. Mount Zion Pam Ishaya
  8. Yabo Pam Ishaya


Jesus Number 1

Omo Jesu
Jesus Number 1

Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Baba OmoJesu 1:00
  2. Abasi OmoJesu 1:00
  3. Accident OmoJesu 1:00
  4. Blessings of Abraham OmoJesu 1:00
  5. Ogbonge Baba OmoJesu 1:00
  6. Jesus number 1 OmoJesu 1:00


His Constant Love

Caritas Central Choir
His Constant Love

8-track audio album from Caritas Central Choir, Enugu, Nigeria

  1. Bofi Caritas Central Choir
  2. Make we thank our God Caritas Central Choir
  3. Kosiso Chukwu Caritas Central Choir
  4. Constant love Caritas Central Choir
  5. Chimarobim Caritas Central Choir
  6. In love with Jesus Caritas Central Choir
  7. Mvaa yua inanter Caritas Central Choir
  8. Nri ndi gi ocha Caritas Central Choir


Thank You Lord

Roseline Jumoke
Thank You Lord

Ever felt hemmed in, stranded, hopeless before? And then just when you had given up all hope, God made a way for you! What do you offer to such a Savior? Well, he asks for nothing but thanks and praises. Join Roseline as she offers just these. 5-tracker from Tomarth Studio.

  1. Halleluya Roseline Jumoke
  2. Ko ma si Roseline Jumoke
  3. I will lift my eyes Roseline Jumoke
  4. Kabi O osi Roseline Jumoke
  5. Thank You Jesus Roseline Jumoke


Arise And Shine

James Omale
Arise And Shine

From Biochemistry prof James Omale comes this great sweet album that’s sure to stir up your spirit to praise and worship the Lord. Enjoy!

  1. Arise and shine James Omale Buy Track
  2. He's alive James Omale Buy Track
  3. Rose of Sharon James Omale Buy Track
  4. Armour of God James Omale Buy Track
  5. I surrender James Omale Buy Track


Ojo Afejute

Isaac Ugbenyo
Ojo Afejute

A collection of well-loved choruses/hymns by Pastor Isaac Ugbenyo

  1. Track 01 Isaac Ugbenyo
  2. Track 02 Isaac Ugbenyo
  3. Track 03 Isaac Ugbenyo
  4. Track 04 Isaac Ugbenyo
  5. Track 05 Isaac Ugbenyo
  6. Track 06 Isaac Ugbenyo
  7. Track 07 Isaac Ugbenyo
  8. Track 08 Isaac Ugbenyo
  9. Track 09 Isaac Ugbenyo
  10. Track 10 Isaac Ugbenyo
  11. Track 11 Isaac Ugbenyo
  12. Track 12 Isaac Ugbenyo
  13. Track 13 Isaac Ugbenyo
  14. Track 14 Isaac Ugbenyo
  15. Track 15 Isaac Ugbenyo
  16. Track 16 Isaac Ugbenyo
  17. Track 17 Isaac Ugbenyo
  18. Track 18 Isaac Ugbenyo
  19. Track 19 Isaac Ugbenyo
  20. Track 20 Isaac Ugbenyo
  21. Track 21 Isaac Ugbenyo
  22. Track 22 Isaac Ugbenyo


Go With Me

Daniel Olanrewaju
Go With Me

8-track audio album from Daniel Olanrewaju

  1. E je ka sope Daniel Olanrewaju
  2. Do not delay Daniel Olanrewaju
  3. Jesus is the answer Daniel Olanrewaju
  4. Satan your kingdom must come down Daniel Olanrewaju
  5. Come and go with me Daniel Olanrewaju
  6. Kaye yemi Daniel Olanrewaju
  7. Somebody up there Daniel Olanrewaju
  8. Asan laye Daniel Olanrewaju


The Secret

Simeon Idakwoji
The Secret

9-track audio album from Pastor Simeon Idakwoji

  1. Deep Desire REMIX Simeon Idakwoji
  2. Holy Simeon Idakwoji
  3. Jesus, Hope of the World Simeon Idakwoji
  4. You set Me on Fire Simeon Idakwoji
  5. You are my secret Simeon Idakwoji
  6. You are Good Simeon Idakwoji
  7. You are Glorious Simeon Idakwoji
  8. Come Alive Simeon Idakwoji
  9. Faithful God Simeon Idakwoji



Ojone & Ugbede Abu

12-track worship album from Ojone and Ugbede Abu

  1. Affect my life (remix) Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  2. I dago Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  3. Show me Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  4. Repay Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  5. Ondu E ma Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  6. Love me early Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  7. Hungry Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  8. My source Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  9. Jenw mi gbo Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  10. Here He comes Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  11. I see the sun Ojone & Ugbede Abu
  12. Iko re Ojone & Ugbede Abu




“The Deeper album’s emphasis is on intimacy with God. How deep we go with God determines how relevant we become in the scheme of things this side of Heaven. Colosians 2:7 and Ephesians 3:17 better describe this album.”

  1. Salama Wordsmith 1:00
  2. Oceans Wordsmith 1:00
  3. Mobile temple Wordsmith 1:00
  4. Imma Wordsmith 1:00
  5. Halleluya Wordsmith 1:00
  6. Kusa Wordsmith 1:00
  7. Nigeria arise Wordsmith 1:00
  8. Nagode Wordsmith 1:00
  9. Hide me away Wordsmith 1:00
  10. Yesu ne Wordsmith 1:00
  11. Give myself away Wordsmith 1:00
  12. I don't belong Wordsmith 1:00
  13. Ba iyaka Wordsmith 1:00
  14. By grace Wordsmith 1:00
  15. Simi wu'o Wordsmith 1:00
  16. Possible Wordsmith 1:00


Next Levels

Florence Olukoju
Next Levels

6-track audio album from Florence Olukoju

  1. True love Florence Olukoju
  2. None to compare Florence Olukoju
  3. Heavens rejoice Florence Olukoju
  4. I have come to say Thank You Florence Olukoju
  5. Happy Birthday to you Nigeria Florence Olukoju
  6. Praise medley Florence Olukoju


Na Una Sabi

Tom Ugbenyo
Na Una Sabi

6-track audio album by Tom Ugbenyo

  1. Na una sabi Tom Ugbenyo
  2. No one can do Tom Ugbenyo
  3. Ugbo kona ma de n Tom Ugbenyo
  4. Omaye Tom Ugbenyo
  5. Wedding day Tom Ugbenyo
  6. Jesus will come Tom Ugbenyo



Gbenga Olusola

AD, the Extended Playlist from Gbenga Olusola is a powerful collection of inspired songs. Oozing creativity at it’s finest, each track is sure to leave you longing for more! Contemporary Gospel, Pop, reflection-invoking worship – it’s all in here! This loaded 7-tracker has it all and is well worth the purchase. Taste it here…

  1. Iwo l'Oba Gbenga Olusola
  2. Clap praise Gbenga Olusola
  3. In this place Gbenga Olusola
  4. Heaven Gbenga Olusola
  5. Song for the wife Gbenga Olusola
  6. Bia nu le Gbenga Olusola
  7. The Lamb ft. Maggie Okoh Gbenga Olusola


Ojane We Ki Wa

Ojane We Ki Wa

Lord, let Your Kingdom come! 8-tracker from Sampraise.

  1. Ojane We ki wa Sampraise
  2. Udeju-mi Sampraise
  3. Odafe Sampraise
  4. My salvation Sampraise
  5. I dumi nyate Sampraise
  6. Vanity Sampraise
  7. Uchubiyo Sampraise
  8. Ugwa na gwE Sampraise


Onobule Samaria

Amos Maha
Onobule Samaria

6-track audio album from Amos Maha

  1. Me wa ka keli Amos Maha
  2. Onobule Samaria Amos Maha
  3. How can I Amos Maha
  4. Ogbaikolo Amos Maha
  5. Omokpono Ojo Amos Maha
  6. Egahi We gbe Amos Maha


Master Of The Universe

Panam Percy Paul
Master Of The Universe

Perhaps one of Panam’s best known and most loved albums, this is an emphatic declaration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Who hasn’t heard this?

  1. African way Buy
  2. There is a God Buy
  3. Master of the Universe Buy
  4. This is the day Buy
  5. Lord I need You Buy
  6. By Your blood Buy
  7. I shall not die Buy
  8. Holy is the Lord Buy
  9. Holy is the Lord (Instr) Buy


Bring Down The Glory 1

Panam Percy Paul
Bring Down The Glory 1

This is the first in Panam’s hugely popular ‘Bring Down The Glory’ series. Beautiful songs that set new trends in Christian worship music.

  1. Holy is the Lord Panam Percy Paul Buy
  2. Bless the Lord Panam Percy Paul Buy
  3. Hold somebody Panam Percy Paul Buy
  4. Lifting holy hands Panam Percy Paul Buy
  5. Father we worship You Panam Percy Paul Buy
  6. Come let's worship Panam Percy Paul Buy
  7. Serving a living God Panam Percy Paul Buy
  8. Jesus Panam Percy Paul Buy


Bring Down The Glory 3

Panam Percy Paul
Bring Down The Glory 3

Third in the ‘Glory’ Series packs hotter punches still. Panam delves deeper into intimate worship, and you can’t help but get drawn into holy presence as you listen to this lovely album.

  1. Bow down Panam Percy Paul Buy
  2. Higher than high Panam Percy Paul Buy
  3. I will follow Panam Percy Paul Buy
  4. He shall reign Panam Percy Paul Buy
  5. Jesus is coming Panam Percy Paul Buy
  6. I will make my life Panam Percy Paul Buy
  7. Few days Panam Percy Paul Buy
  8. No other name Panam Percy Paul Buy


Jo Daa Daa

Yemi Yombo
Jo Daa Daa

Jo Da’a Da’a (Dance So Well) is a collection of gospel music and songs, basically praise, emphasizing dance as a potent way of praising God.
All believers are hence called upon to dance so well, as we collectively follow our Big Brother Jesus on our way to the promised land. Our excellent JESUS has given us the assurance that eternity will be our final home, so let’s joyfully dance on!

  1. Jo daa daa Yemi Yombo
  2. Oga Jesus Yemi Yombo
  3. Jesu dara Yemi Yombo
  4. Follow me Yemi Yombo
  5. Orin Omode Yemi Yombo
  6. E maa jo Yemi Yombo


My God Has Done It

Phemmy Levite
My God Has Done It

6-track audio album from Phemmy Levite

  1. You better pray Phemmy Levite
  2. Ephathar Phemmy Levite
  3. My God has done it Phemmy Levite
  4. Igbagbo dun Phemmy Levite
  5. Time to praise the Lord Phemmy Levite
  6. Ka sope Phemmy Levite




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