Why do you love me so

Lyrics for Why do you love me so by El Levite

Verse 1:
I’ve got this friend that loves me the way nobody ever loved me
He is Jesus my friend,
He says His love for me will never never end
Do you know He died for me?
I don’t deserve His love (yet He chose to love me this way)
And I don’t know why He loves (but He still loves me anyway)

Ooooh why do You love me so (2xs)

Verse 2:
He walks with me along this life’s road all the time,
He never leaves me alone.
He tells me not to worry about life’s challenges,
He will be there for me,
He has a home prepared for me,
A beautiful mansion in heaven,
He will come and take me with Him,
With Him I will spend eternity,

Repeat Chorus

Sometime I ponder (aaaaaah)
On how much you love me (uuuuuh)
I always wonder, why you love me the way you do.

Oooooh (He chose to be cursed that we may be blessed)
Oooooh (He chose to be poor that I may be rich)
Oooooh (He went to the cross that I may be saved)
Oooooh (why do you love me)

Fade out
Why do you love me so? (6xs)

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