Lyrics for Ekondo by Chris Morgan
(English and Efik)

Ekondo ke bukfi o Anawa Kpaniko
Ekondo ke bukfi o, etie mfon mfon kawawa 2x

You deserve my highest praise, unto you my everlasting Father
There’ll be no other deity that we can compare to you


People rise and fall, people come and go
Things fall apart, promises are broken
Flowers fade away, But you stand forever
Your word is true, you are a promise keeper
Governments come and go but your kingdom stands forever
You’re a promise keeper.


What will I say to show that I’m grateful
What will I sing to show that I’m grateful
What will I do to show that I’m grateful
What will I bring to show that I’m grateful

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Chris Morgan
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Chris Morgan loves to worship, and he's passionate about helping others come into the presence of Yahweh. Stomping the beats, singing the songs, saving the souls!