I reign

Lyrics for I reign by Joe Ifah

There are so many things I never would have been;
So many things that I couldn’t call my own.
But look at me today I walk around like a prince;
Cause somewhere up above there’s a crown that’s mine alone.

He called me, I answered, now I reign!
He broke all my fetters and my chains!
I won’t be enslaved again!

I was busy trying out astrology,
Trying to see tomorrow among the stars,
Until I met the shining star of history,
And he got my future written down on golden cards.
Now I have this confidence that storm cannot destroy;
I can face all circumstances fearlessly.
Whether it’s hot or cold I can always rejoice,
Knowing he will make tomorrow just what it should be!

I was running helter-skelter,
I was lost in need of shelter,
Till he found me:
He is my shelter!
The storms of life were raging
And my troubled sight was failing
Till he caught me:
He’s my anchor!


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Joe Ifah
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Veteran artist Joe Ifah has been around for a while. Since 1976 when a guitar-strumming school teacher stirred his heart open to Jesus Christ, Joe has himself blessed many with his music.