All I’ve desired

Lyrics for All I’ve desired by Graciah

Jesus, you are all I ever needed
You are all that I desired, now I’m glad you live inside of me
Love of my life, I am proud that I am your
Your love has captured me, so I’m glad you came to stay with me

Now I realize, I have no regrets you’ve been my friend on these streets of hatred
You’re all my soul longs for, I lay down my life in total surrender you mean everything to me
You’re gracious, I’ll forever cling to you

Love of my life!

I cannot boast of some strength you didn’t give to me
Nor wisdom which will wholly turn to folly so soon,
Nor life which none else could give except through you,
Lord I mean I’m nothing without you, so I depend on you, oh that’s what I resolve


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Graceful Graciah is a vocal powerhouse, a highly gifted singer/songwriter reaching out to the world from her current base in Jos, Nigeria.