Christian Artist: What’s In Gospeleon for You?

Gospeleon is your new Christian Music hub, set up to benefit Christian artists in the following ways,  plus much more:

  1. You get a cool public profile when you register (FREE!) as an artist – that fans and potential fans can access. What you want the world to know about you – it’s up to you!
  2. Upload your albums and singles. You need just 750 Store Credits ($7.50) to upload an album, or a 200 Store Credits ($2.00) to upload a single. Go ahead, upload your stuff and sell in our digital store. Make some money – for real!
  3. Share as many free downloads with your fans as you wish
  4. You get a Vendor (Seller) status and a dashboard so you can monitor sales records real-time! Besides, you receive an instant automated email alert whenever someone buys your music.

There’s a lot more. Come right over and discover!