God’s Song Project

15-track praise/worship offering from Gospel dynamite Mr Kee

  1. This God/Onye Oma Mr. Kee
  2. Idi Ebube ft. Gudy Mr. Kee
  3. Obim Mr. Kee
  4. I'm in Love Mr. Kee
  5. I Love To Call Your Name Mr. Kee
  6. Let It Rain Mr. Kee
  7. Halleluyah Mr. Kee
  8. Your Love Mr. Kee
  9. Imela Mr. Kee
  10. Without You Mr. Kee
  11. Nobody feat. Femi Flames Mr. Kee
  12. Ife Ineme feat. Tayo Mr. Kee
  13. Omekwalaya Ozo feat. Roland Mr. Kee
  14. How Great You Are Mr. Kee
  15. Jesus feat JIFE Mr. Kee

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Mr Kee
About Mr Kee 2 Articles
Gospel Singer, Mr. Kee is a gifted and versatile songwriter, a man of great passion for the kingdom of God and a musician with a rare and unique kind of creativity and artistry.