Lord I Believe

6-track audio album from the Wamilele King, Kingsley Ike

  1. Wamilele praise medley (remix) Kingsley Ike Buy
  2. Tank God welu welu Kingsley Ike Buy
  3. Mabusa mabusa Kingsley Ike Buy
  4. Lord I believe Kingsley Ike Buy
  5. Arise Kingsley Ike Buy
  6. It is well with my soul Kingsley Ike Buy

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Kingsley Ike
About Kingsley Ike 3 Articles
Kingsley Ike is the senior pastor of Greenland Ministries International in Abuja. A multi-talented gospel artiste, he is often referred to as the Wamilele King. Pastor Kingsley knows praise and worship, and if you can tag along, you're likely to meet the King of Kings face to face as his people learn to cast aside all inhibitions in praising Him!