Fairest Of All

Brodan’s Album of 10 songs, which includes: “Holy God,” “None But You,” “God Is Bigger,” “He Sustains Me,” “Heal Our Land,” “Before The Foundation,” “Fairest Of All,” “I Will Offer,” “He Came,” and “You Are Faithful.” The songs are melodious and rich, and the lyrics are awesome, and make sense…

  1. Holy God Brodan
  2. None But You Brodan
  3. God is bigger Brodan
  4. He Sustains Me Brodan
  5. Heal Our Land Brodan
  6. Before the Foundation Brodan
  7. Fairest of All Brodan
  8. I Will Offer Brodan
  9. He Came Brodan
  10. You Are Faithful Brodan

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About Brodan 1 Article
Brodan has loved music since he was a child, and as a youth, led his local church choir, as the vocalist. He is now an int'l, Christian/Gospel Singer-songwriter, all to the glory of God. Shalom!