A New Day

It’s beautiful music from a beautiful African soul. Amarqah delivers Gospel sweetness in her refreshingly unique style. Regarding this album, Amarqah herself says: “…Just as it is a blessing to many others, so it is to me.” Taste it; relish it.

  1. Intro AmarQah
  2. A new day AmarQah
  3. This love ft. Stitchd AmarQah
  4. Wont let me go AmarQah
  5. Zion AmarQah
  6. Bude (medley) AmarQah
  7. Hallelujah (medley) AmarQah
  8. Jehovah AmarQah

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About Amarqah 1 Article
Amarqah was born in Jos, Nigeria, and started music from about the age of 12. She believes firmly in the worship of Yahweh, and has to date released two albums.