Across The Universe

14-track Gospel reggae album from Dave Azi

  1. Am grateful Buy
  2. Across the universe Buy
  3. Evil riches Buy
  4. Give thanks Buy
  5. Righteous slaves - ft. Dareng CJ Buy
  6. More than conquerors Buy
  7. Train to Zion Buy
  8. City of love - ft. Adu Deme & Delifa Buy
  9. Shine your light Buy
  10. Jehovah Most High Buy
  11. Jah love - ft. Madox Buy
  12. Good Shepherd Buy
  13. It's not easy Buy
  14. Heart of a man Buy

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Dave Azi
About Dave Azi 5 Articles
Dave Azi is a Gospel Reggae front-runner; definitely not just some local champ. The world has heard a bit of him, and his sphere keeps widening with the seasons...