Come to the Fountain of Life, calls Gopep in this album, and drink to your heart’s content. Jesus is the water of life; don’t you know?

  1. John 4:13 Gopep
  2. Ruwa Gopep Buy
  3. Yilse Gopep Buy
  4. Zan yabe ka Gopep Buy
  5. Yayi mani Gopep Buy
  6. Thank You Father Gopep Buy
  7. Smile Gopep Buy
  8. Who are you? Gopep Buy
  9. Zaman lafiya Gopep Buy
  10. Allah mai girma Gopep Buy

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About Gopep 2 Articles
Gopep began to sing and play from when he was a young boy. Today he has evolved a unique and sweet brand of Afri-toned music that many find so irresistible.